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SATURDAY 22nd April – 11am UTC – Biome Run!
Time to stretch those legs, and prepare for a game of Biome Run! Stumble through the snow, cross the blistering dessert, and run through hell in the hope of making it to the finish line. The first 3 players who make it to the finish, shall receive a prize! šŸ’° Time to dust off those running shoes, and prepare for the run of your life.

SATURDAY 22nd April – 7pm UTC – King Crush!
The people of Aramoor need your help! An evil crusader has just killed the King, and declared themselves the new King of Aramoor. They attacked with thousands of men, which are still residing inside of the castle. Luckily, the prince was able to escape and is now asking for your help to reclaim the throne from this new evil overlord. Time to find your sword, practice those fighting skills, and prepare for a war of good vs evil!

SUNDAY 23rd April – 7pm UTC – Farmers Feud!
It looks like Justinorout has been expanding their wheat field, and has caught the attention of their neighbour DoctorPotatoRat! These 2 are always fighting over who has the biggest fields. Doc is really jealous of Justin’s new large wheat field, and just doesn’t have the time to keep competing! They have decided instead to just destroy Justin’s wheat field, so their field will be larger! However, whilst visiting shopping Justin heard about this plan. Now both of them need your help to destroy the other players wheat! Can you help? This really is a Farmers Feud.

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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