NEW Shopping District!

Yes, the time has come! We have finally finished the NEW Shopping District, and are almost ready for you to create your player shops within the area. We have a few things to finish, but are extremely excited to transition into the NEW Shopping District!

We have a NEW Town Hall, Coloured Street Signs, new layout, and a much easier shopping experience for everyone who either sells or buys.

Why are we doing this?
When we first launched our current shopping district, we only planned on having roughly 40 shops max. Currently, we have over 120 shops! As you know, it’s not easy navigating your way around so an overhaul was really needed. Our NEW Shopping District, will ensure a strong shopping experience for years to come!

How long do we have to move?
We shall be opening the NEW Shopping District on Monday 20th December at 7pm UTC! During this opening you can claim a new plot within the new shopping district. The portal to the new shopping district will be located in front of the fountain of the current shopping district. We all have until Sunday 2nd January 2022 to move over to the NEW Shopping District! This gives everyone 2 weeks to move. After the 2nd of January 2022, the current shopping district will be wiped clean to make way for another exciting project for 1.18!

Those who have prominent shop plots currently, have been allocated a prominent shop plots in the NEW Shopping District.

During the weekend, I shall be releasing further details, so keep a close eye on the announcements channel on discord!

Ready to start your adventure?

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