NEW Shopping District Open

1 hour until we open the NEW Shopping District everyone! The portal to the new shopping district will be located in front of the fountain of the current shopping district. We all have until Sunday 2nd January 2022 to move over to the NEW Shopping District! This gives everyone 2 weeks to move. After the 2nd of January 2022, the current shopping district will be wiped clean to make way for another exciting project for 1.18!

The portal will open at 7pm UTC! This gives you an opportunity to explore, and find yourself a nice plot. Shop plots are free to claim. Do not claim 2 plots at once. You must stock, and finish building your first shop before claiming your second plot.

When you have built your new shop, you can advertise on the Directory! You can change the sign to another colour if you prefer, and jazz it up with /colors. Include your shop name, what you sell, coordinates, and street name. This is the best way to ensure your shop can be found. Please do not place item frames on the Directory.

To ensure your shop can easily be found, we have added the street names to the website map! This means you can now easily find another players shop.

When creating your new shop make sure you have read the updated shopping rules here:
And check out the shopping guide:
Not forgetting the NEW Price Index:

You have 1 hour to have a good read, and familiarise yourself with the new shopping district. Just a quick reminder that the shopping district is only for Member rank and above.

Have a fantastic week, and we look forward to opening the NEW Shopping District together!

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