Whack a Warden

It is finally here! The annual “Whack a Warden Event” has arrived in Bearverly Hills! Once a year, the richest community members living in Bearverly hills come together, and host a secret basement event known as Whack a Warden. They hunt Alpha City for those living without luxury, and allow them a chance to compete for diamonds, netherite, and much, much more! Overflowing with money, these greedy diamond lickers don’t want to give their money away freely. Of course not! Instead they want you to fight for it. Cry for it. Scream for it! The aim of the game is simple… you will be placed into an arena of terror filled with wardens! You will have to fight for your life! Literally fight for your life, in the hope of winning a prize, or two. Will you leave with pockets filled with riches, or will you be just another victim to these monsters?

Event Date: SATURDAY 10th September – 7pm UTC

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