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SATURDAY 24th June – 11am UTC – Mutton Mania!

The wolves are back, and this time they are hungrier than before. Farmer Sampson for weeks has been trying to make the sheep enclosure as secure as possible, but the wolves keep getting inside! They need your help in getting rid of the wolves, as there is too many for one person to take on alone. There is only 10 sheep, and Farmer Sampson needs these sheep to produce Christmas Jumpers in the Winter! Can you help protect the last of the sheep? Or will it be mutton mania?

SATURDAY 24th June – 7pm UTC – Honey Heist!

With the lack of wool, and mutton from the recent wolf attacks, Farmer Sampson now needs a new way to make some diamonds. They have tried almost everything now, but selling fresh natural local honey. There is only one problem.. Farmer Sampson is allergic to bees! Therefore, they have asked us to help. Of course we said yes! Farmer Sampson may be an awful Farmer, but they are willing to trade any honey you gather for rewards. Are you ready for the honey heist?

SUNDAY 25th June – 7pm UTC – Sheep Splash!

This Sunday is the annual Sheep Splash Competition! Players from all over the world come to join this spectacular colourful event. This is your chance to enter, and be this years champions. Using only your whits, and your natural surroundings, you must convert 16 boring sheep into every colour possible! Do you even know how to create lime dye? Time to study your colours, as this weekend you shall be splashing sheep!

Everyone is welcome to join. Have a great rest of the week!

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